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 Pallet Netting / NETWRAP

 Netwrap is knitted pallet wrap, also known as pallet netting.
 Netwrap is a great palletizing product that will stabilize and
 unitize pallets while addressing special pallet wrapping issues
 such as condensation or palletizing products that need to
 cure and cool down in a timely cost effective manner.
 Products that are boxed and palletized when still warm can
 cause condensation inside stretch film causing the boxes to
 deteriorate. Products that have excessive moisture when
 produced have to cure. Netwrap takes care of both issues by
 allowing the products to breathe and cure.

West Coast Supplies Netting
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 Specifications and Quote

ITEM NO. SIZE Request Quote
WCS-9251 20" x 1000'
WCS-9252 20" x 3000'
WCS-9253 20" x 5000'
WCS-9254 20" x 10000'
WCS-9255 30" x 10000'
 Available in both Hand and Machine applications

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