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Dunnage Bags

Dunnage Bags West Coast Supplies

West Coast Supplies Dunnage BagsWest Coast Supplies can match Dunnage Bags to fit for bracing trailer loads to avoid damage related to shifting loads and loss due to theft. The see through design is perfect for homeland security sensitive operations.

West Coast Supplies provides a full line of dunnage air bags and other methods of securing loads to reduce the cost of damaged products in order to optimize your customer satisfaction.

Air bags (Also known as Dunnage Bags) are the most economical and reliable means of securing your load in your truck trailer, rail car, sea container or vessel.

The purpose of the dunnage air bag is to reduce the shifting of the loads occurring during transport which will enhance customer satisfaction because of no damage or returned goods.

Forklift Inflator (Watch a short video about the Forklift Inflator)

The inflator is easily mounted to the forklift and works off of the forklift battery. No more having to bring hoses from the dock to the front of the trailer in order to fill your dunnage bags. You can drop the pallets off at the front of the trailer and fill the bags then and there with the new inflator. This saves time and labor coasts as well as increases safety.

Forklift Inflator Forklift Inflator
Watch a short video about the Forklift Inflator

Mobile Battery Powered Inflator (Watch a short video about the Mobile Inflator)

Mobile Battery Powered Inflator - Dunnage

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