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Stretch Film – Stretch Film Machines

West Coast Supplies has more than 30 years experience in the innovative packaging solutions business. We serve the stretch film/wrap, vented film, packaging supplies and stretch wrap machine and equipment needs of a variety of industries including; manufacturing, distribution, food, beverage, agricultural, wineries, and pharmaceutical companies. We serve packaging equipment and wrapping film needs throughout the USA.

We take an application solution-based approach to ensure that your packaging requirements are optimized to their fullest. With a sales and service department available every day of the year, you never have to worry about a lack of product or support.

Stretch Film Machines
Stretch Wrap Vented Film – Stretch Film Machines
Our line of semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment combines technology, innovation, and experience into products that deliver results you can depend on. We offer an extensive line of turntables, rotary arms, rotating rings, and horizontal wrappers designed to fit applications in various industries.
Stretch Films
West Coast Supplies - Stretch Wrap Film – Packaging Equipment
We carry full line of Stretch Film in both Hand and Machine sizes, Wide Web Stretch Films available in both Blown and Cast, Bundling Films, Roll Wrap, Narrow Banding, Colored Films, Silage and Custom Configurations and also UVI Films for protection against harmful UVI Rays.
Vented Films
Vented Stretch Films West Coast Supplies
Vented Films are a proven solution for the agricultural, medical, food and beverage packaging industries. Vented Films come in several variations. Our products have the advantages of regular pallet stretch film combined with netting wrap. Our products are a LLDPE product, after use the material can be recycled with stretch film products.