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Stretch Film Machines


ROBOT S7 portable semi-automatic stretch wrapper!

The Robot S7 is a new range of self propelled semi-automatic packaging machines. The Robot S7 includes the latest advanced technologies, the utmost attention to safety systems, a high level of packaging autonomy, and great work flexibility. This machine is built to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size and weight, using stretch film.

Our innovative system for facilitated film insertion (ILS) through the opening of the carriage to the Power Drive technology with brushless motorization enables the Robot S7 to control the film with extreme precision. This guarantees perfect pre-stretching and the lowest consumption of film and energy to support sustainability efforts.

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Robot S7 - West Coast Supplies - Stretch Film


West Coast Supplies turntables are ideal for wrapping stable loads that weigh under 4,400 lbs. These small stretch wrap machines typically have a minimal footprint – a definite asset when space is at a premium.

Rotary Arm

Rotary Arm semi-automatic stretch wrap machines are designed to wrap loads that are stationary, very light, very heavy, tall, or unstable.

Low Speed Rotating Rings

West Coast Supplies low speed horizontal rotating ring stretch wrappers are the most productive and safest way to wrap lumber, doors, windows, carpets, textiles, copper piping, corrugated tubing and more!

High Speed Rotating Rings

West Coast Supplies high-speed rotating ring machines are the fastest and safest way to get more from a horizontal stretch wrapping machine!


The Spiror HP series of automatic high-speed horizontal wrapping machines are designed for low- to mid-volume production. The units are ideal for bundling long, narrow products like wood molding, aluminum and plastic extrusion as well as tubing, textiles and carpet.

Built according to the highest manufacturing standards, the SPIROR HP line of horizontal stretch wrapping machines includes now a double roll version for models 300, 400, 600 and 900. The possible applications for these ROBOPAC machines are infinite and the high number of optional features available follows this philosophy.

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Cube Technology

The best technology with the shortest payback.

Strategically wrap your loads to ensure product integrity. The pallets reach your customers in the same condition that they left your dock, thanks to CUBE Technology.

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CUBE Technology