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Prasmatic TC Series

The new range of TC series shrink wrapping and case packing machines is the line of Prasmatic solutions for medium and high speed productions in end line packaging.

The new 7″ color touchscreen makes it easy to set up the correct parameters for wrapping each of your loads. You control pre-stretch, containment force, rotation speed, roping and banding at 9 levels on each load.

Lock in the best wrap settings for up to six completely unique load configurations and save them. Your operator can then recall the appropriate program over and over with a touch of the control panel. You can name each program to ensure that your operators always select the correct standard.

TC Series Case packer

Type of packaging

Prasmatic TCS Series


Prasmatic TCS Series 1


Prasmatic TCS Series 1


Developed and created to operate with the maximum comfort, the elevated ergonomics make it possible to load the blanks quickly and easily. The new structure set up orthogonally to the machine provides a great loading capacity and simplified adjustments. Based on the production speed it is possible to choose between various capacity configurations (single and double versions).

Prasmatic TCS Series 1
Prasmatic TCS Series 1


Blank extraction is carried out through a pick-up arm guided by a mechanical cam, for an ideal and precise route. The cam establishes the required rotation for the pick-up arm for better blank extraction. Unit movement is controlled by a brushless motor, the blanks are positioned on the upstroke unit in line with the machine.


Continuous separation system with electronic control for medium and high speed. Product separation is carried out through a double pair of teeth, with infeed between the products from the bottom. It is very easy to make adjustments during format changes to change the product size.

Prasmatic TCS Series 1
Prasmatic TCS Series 1


Particularly suitable for high speeds or for products with an irregular shape with low stability, this device is controlled with a brushless motor and a linear guide with the function of guaranteeing correct and precise coupling of the product with the blank.


This solution offers high flexibility for the range of formats that can be produced, it also offers an excellent compromise when switching from tray packaging to packs with heat-shrink film only, and vice versa. The pneumatically-actuated surface offers the possibility of producing trays with high edges, it is particularly suited for the production of full height trays.

Prasmatic TCS Series 1
Prasmatic TCS Series 1


The implemented technical solutions offer great flexibility and high dimensional excursion of the product during winding from one format to another. This unit boasts multiple configuration solutions.


Various film reel positioning solutions are available, the ergonomics are particularly well-designed. Better access for format change operations and reel sealing means excellent man-machine interaction. The external reels option also offers automatic reel-change. AUTOMATIC REEL CHANGE The system seals and cuts the film in a fully-automated fashion without any operator intervention, this option makes it possible to continue without stopping film unwinding and the production cycle. The reel configuration is set up by the operator, through simple manual procedures.

Prasmatic TCS Series 1
Prasmatic TCS Series 1


The system offers easy access the film unit, for quick and efficient maintenance. This application is particularly suited for liquid product sectors, such as dairy and beverage, where the primary packaging may break, possibly soiling the film


Completely revisited, it is designed to offer multiple modular solutions based on machine configuration. The new frame offers better access to all of the units to operate the machine, change formats and perform maintenance.

Prasmatic TCS Series 1
Prasmatic TCS Series 1


For models with automatic format change, switching to the new format is carried out electronically through brushless motors, in most cases there is no need for tools or for the machine to be manned by the operator. Format change operations are carried out simply from the operator panel.


Capacity/Speed (Packs Per Min) 35-85 PPM
Format Options Film Only, Flat Layer and Film, Tray and Film, Standard Tray+Full Height, Wrap Around Carton


Air Conditioning (Control Panel) Automatic Film Splicing
Can Labelling Orientation Case Turner on Board
Film Cutter Extractible Infeed Side Transfer Conveyor
Remote Servicing Rockwell PLC & HMI
Servo Automatic Change Over Stacker
Stain Less Steel Execution UL or CSA Compliancy


PRASMATIC TC SERIES (English & Italian) Brochure – PDF

Prasmatic TC Series Brochure PDF