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Vented Films Variation

Vented films are a Polyethylene stretch film with holes for ventilation. Vented films are a proven solution for the agricultural, medical, food and beverage packaging industries. Vented films come in several variations. Vented films have the advantages of regular pallet stretch film combined with netting wrap. Vented films are an LLDPE product, after use the material can be recycled with stretch film products.

Developed for the world’s agricultural, food, floral and beverage industries. :

  • Produce: (vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, eggs, cheese, etc.)
  • Hot Palletized products: avoid condensation within pallet wrap. (soft drinks, beer, canned foods, pharmaceutical products, pet foods etc.)
  • Chilled and deep-frozen products: fast cooling after palletization. (dairy products, ice cream, meat, fish, frozen vegetables, frozen snacks etc.)


Food and Beverages

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