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The Rotoplat 708 HP is designed for customers wrapping 30 to 45 loads per day. It comes with productivity improving standards like a Self-Learning Wrap Program, 110″ wrap height and a heavy duty 4,400 pound capacity turntable.

Like all West Coast Supplies stretch wrappers, the Rotoplat 708 HP is safe for your operators. The Roll Carriage is positioned on the operator side of the machine to keep your operators out of the wrapping area. It comes equipped with standard safety features like a Roll Carriage Anti Fall Device & Roll Carriage Safety Stop, and a 65″ diameter diamond plated steel turntable that prevents your load from shifting during the wrapping process and accommodates the standard 40″ X 48″ pallet reducing the risk of product damage or injury from overhang.

The Rotoplat 708 HP turntable is supported by 28 heavy duty casters and can handle a 4,400 lb load and you also have the option to increase weight capacity to 5,500 lbs. This machine was designed for a demanding environment, it includes many standard performance and application features that come at a premium and are often not available from other manufacturers.


Rotoplat 708 HP Spec Sheet – PDF

Download Rotoplat 708 HP Spec Sheet (PDF)